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Gusha No Bindume * Hiroki Yamaguchi (2004)

How could you run into such a cover and not take it with you? The cover reminded me of Jeunet and indeed the first part of the film is a hilarious and absurd kind of comedy. However the original title translates something like ‘the bottled fools’, the international title is “Hellevator” which already indicates that it is about a hellish elevator. In some future-world people are stuck in an elevator and not just a bunch of regular people. After the comical opening the film goes to extremely violent and bloody scenes that might not fall too well on anyone’s stomach. The story becomes a bit thin, even quite incredible towards the end, but Yamaguchi threw in some social criticism and recognisable elements. I especially liked the filming and montage and the opening part, but overall the film is quite entertaining.

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