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Jigureul Jikyeora! * Jun-Hwan Jeong * 2003

save the green planet

The poster and the title say exactly what kind of film this is: a very wrong one! I think this is the first Eastern (Korean) comedy that I see, well… comedy? The film is completely over the top. A guy thinks that aliens are going to take over the world. He kidnaps people who he think they are alien and tortures them in an abandonned mine that he lives in. When he kidnaps a rich businessman it becomes obvious that he is a very weak personality. The police-force goes out to look for the business man and also a detective who was kicked out off the police-force.
The film combines the genres of comedy, crime investigating film with pretty raw ‘horrorish’ elements (compare: “Audition”). The humour is cheap and silly (but funny), but sometimes remind of the work of Jean-Paul Jeunet (“Delicatessen”, “Amelié”, etc.). The characters are stereotypical (taken from Hollywood films I guess). The violence is pretty cruel. In total this film is enjoyable, definately different from the Eastern films that I usually watch, not brilliant but nice to watch some time. I think if you like a grim comedy such as “Delicatessen” you may enjoy this film too.

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