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Agora * Alejandro Amenábar (2009)

“Agora” is a film that should make me mad/sad, but it does not really. The agora of the title is the square of the great Greek city in Egypt around 300 CE, the square where the great library (actually libraries) of Alexandria stood and which was burned by the upcoming Christian movement. We follow the female “philosopher” Hypatia who teaches at the university and who ponders the system of the universe. However the titles say that she took her ideas with her in her grave, the film grands her the invention of the heliocentric universe and the eliptical course of the earth around the sun. Hypathia witnesses the upcoming of the Christians which is all fine with her, whether “heathen” or Christian, her students are all alike to her, for herself she rationalised God(s) out of her mind. When the Christian influence increases and especially when their hostility does, Hypathia finds herself in a tight spot. The story could make an interesting film, but actually I found it unimaginable and pretty boring. Hypathia’s philosophical scenes are dull, the theological discussions too, the people are too easily convinced to slay ‘the others’ and Davus’ dilema is not too convincing either. Maybe it was my mood when I saw the film, but however I had low expectations, I was still disappointed.

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