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Suck * Rob Stefaniuk (2009)

Wow, this film is corny! It is a vampire film and the box lists Alice Cooper, Moby, Iggy Pop and Henry Rollings, so I expected a cool rockfilm with vampires. In fact, the film is about a band called “Winners” (how dark). They never seem to go and reach any kind of peak, but they play in shadowy clubs with scary audiences. Yet, they sound like some lousy highschool popband, I wonder what such a band does in rockclubs. The lady of the band (Jennifer) goes out with the most creepy character from the audience and I do not have to explain what happens to her. As Jennifer lights up on stage, the band’s fame rises. All good and fair. Like I said, with Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollings (great part) and Moby (another great part) on the list, I hoped for some descent music. As a vampire film, “Suck” is miles from being corny enough, it is too slick, too clean, too big-audience. There are a few nice jokes and a handfull of amusing scenes, but overall, the film… sucks (what an easy joke).

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