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Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song * Melvin Van Peebles (1971)

A 1971 film that is still censored in 2010 and rated 18+. Is that because I got a British copy? “Sweet Sweetback”, a name that the main character receives in the censored opening scene, accidentally ends up in a police car where the situation goes out of hand. The rest of the film, Sweetback is on the run and the police uses all its resources to get him. “Sweet Sweetback’s” is a film by and for “the black community”, contains some experimental camera work, shows some of the weird habbits of the community and contains strange English, some violence and nudity. All nothing shocking really. The “song” from the title is because the film is commented by singing. It is funny to see how ‘American the film looks’ in some ways, while it was actually made as a protest film of the black community. I suppose it had its influence on American filmmaking in general. The film has some amusing scenes and ideas, but overall I found it just enjoyable, nothing more.

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