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Unmade Beds * Alexis Dos Santos (2009)

A while ago I saw Dos Santo’s earlier film “Glue“, but I did not realise that when I rented “Unmade Beds”. This new film is alike in a few ways. It is again a ‘coming of age’ film about youths in the margin of society. In “Unmade Beds” we follow Axl, a youngster from Spain who travels to London to find his father. Somehow he comes to live in a squat from where another inhabitant, Vera, forms the second story in the film. The squat where Axl lives not only makes housing for varying people, but also a hip club with concerts and parties. “Unmade Beds” shows the not-so-careless lives of squatters, especially now when they make “the rules” risky. Dos Santos made another quite typical, but nice, arthouse film.

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