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În Fiecare Zi Dumnezeu Ne Saruta Pe Gura * Sinisa Dragin * 2002

This film is best known by the English title “Every Day God Kisses Us On The Mouth”. This Romenian film tells the story of Dumitru who is both a slayer of animals (butcher) and slayer of men (because of his bad temper). We follow him when he goes drinking and gambling with his friends, his family-affairs and later how he goes looking for his father. It is a strange film. The story has large holes, but the scenes are quite slow. This gives a bit an idea of fast-slow. Because of the hopeless situation, drinking and violence, the film reminded me a bit of “One Were Warriors”. Shot in nice brown-colours making it an alright drama from a country you don’t get to see too much films from.

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