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l’Inferno * Francesco Bertolini (1911)

There are a great many films with the title “Inferno”, but in 1911 I guess there were not! I found this film when I was looking for a recent film with “Inferno” as alternative title and kept it in the back of my head. I was mostly caught by the phrase “music by Tangerine Dream” on the cover of this oldie. “l’Inferno” is a silent film based on Dante’s “Inferno” and apparently inspired by the drawings of Doré. The filmtape is obviously worn and it is sometimes hard to see what is going on. For the rest, the film is not too enjoyable. It is funny to see these antique special effects though and the way the director tried to make things look like the underworld. The music by Tangerine Dream is not too great either. In general, especially when realising that this film is 100 years old, I would still recommend this film to viewers who like classics.

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