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Im Toten Winkel * André Heller + Othmar Schmiderer * 2002

Not really a film, but a documentary, at least, that is how this film is presented. Actually this is not really a documentary in the normal sense of the word either. “Im Toten Winkel” is an interview with Traudl Junge (or Gertraud Junge) “Hitlers sekretärin”. Well, this isn’t 100% true either. In fact this documentary is a compilation of three interviews with Junge. One of two shot years ago and later Junge got to see the images again and sometimes has extra comments.

Anyway, the fact being that Junge was one of Hitler’s four secretaries is an interesting starting point. Junge speaks about Hitler’s personality in great detail and how she and those close to Hitler experienced the period between WWI and Hitler’s suicide. Not really a pleasure to watch, but highly informative. I saw this film without subtitles which was quite hard at times. Also I don’t know if this film is for sale or just for TV-stations. But if you are interested in a more in-depth view of the man Adolf Hitler and you get the chance to see “Im Toten Winkel”, don’t hesitate.

This documentary/interview was the basis of the popular film Der Untergang.

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