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Frygtelig Lykkelig * Henrik Ruben Genz (2008)

“Terribly Happy” is a Danish film about a policeman who is transferred from Copenhagen to a small villiage in the very south of Jutland where they deal with things their own way. Soon Robert is lured into the swamp of the village’s community, being sucked in, never being able to get out. “Frygtelig Lykkelig” is dark in tone and only slowly it becomes clear what exactly is going on, a ‘big event’ acting as lightening rod, but there is more to the situation. To make things worse, Robert’s past is dragged into the situation. “Frygtelig Lykkelig” is a very Danish film with claustrophobic wide-views, a pressing community with strange habbits and the film of course contains grim humour. A good film with a nicely developing story and a minimalistic setting.

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