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Dead Man * Jim Jarmusch (1995)

I actually went out to rent Jarmusch’ most recent film “The Limits Of Control”, but came back with this oldie that gets a 7.7 at IMdB. Indeed, “Dead Man” is a very good film. It is moody, minimalistic, nicely strange and with a lot of symbolism. The black-and-white filming and the Western-time setting look wonderfull and the acting is good. Inspite of all that, I liked the film a little less than that I found it interesting from a filmographic point of view. I cannot really say why though. Still, it is one of the better films that I saw recently. We follow a man called William Blake (Johnny Depp) who travels to the other end of the USA for a job, but ends up being a fugitive running into an (Amer)Indian who confuses him for the poet/painter with the same name that he admires. Nobody accompanies Blake on his journey.

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