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I am Dina * Ole Bornedal * 2002

As a young girl Dina accidentally causes her mother to die a horrible death. Being blamed by her father and virtually banished in her own village and from the shock what has happened, Dina because a psychotic little girl with visions of her dead mother. When her father finally realises that this is no way to let a young girl grow up, he hires a teacher and Dina lives up again. Still she has but little control over her emotions and especially her above normal physical power. Especially when she doesn’t get things her way somebody has a problem. Later Dina gets married to a much older friend of her father and with better and worse period she grows up to be a woman.

“I am Dina” is a nice drama with a very pressing atmosphere which makes the film almost a thriller. Visions and flashback are brought nicely and even though the story is not too appealing, the final result is a film that I can suggest.

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