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Herr Lehrmann * Leander Haussmann * 2003

In the Netherlands there is some kind of “German film tour” going on right now. In the local filmhouse there are a few who were or will be shown. We decided to go and see “Herr Lehrmann”.
The title refers to the main character who is the spill in a group of people doing not much more than drink too much alcohol, going from bar to bar and philosophise over trivial things. The story plays in 1989 in Berlin, the year the wall fell. This time -however- we get to see the life in the WEST part of Berlin, which doesn’t seem much more better than the East part. Overall an amusing, light comedy of people around their 30’ies, not knowing what to do with their lives and facing the problems of keeping to see life as one big party. After a book by Sven Regener by the way.

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