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Heavenly Creatures * Peter Jackson * 1994

I have first seen this film quite a while ago, and I must have bought it on video before I started this film-section, because I can’t image having forgotten to review it! A wonderfull film and just one of the few that I found good enough to buy.

The story is not really original anymore, but “Heavenly Creatures” was one of the earlier coming up with it. Juliete (Kate Winslet) and Pauline (Melanie Lynskey) are young girls not quite in comfort with their surroundings. Juliete has been dragged all over the world by her rich parents, Pauline kicks against everything in her surroundings. Her school, her poor parents and especially her mother. Both rebels create their own dreamworlds. Having found out to have a very similar way of thinking and the girls become friends. Their friendship becomes so intense that the parents begin to think about homosexuality, a crime in the time the story plays (1953) and especially for girls their age (14/15).
Losing more and more touch with reality the girls build out their “forth world” with complete generations of royal inhabitents made up or also living in the real world. When the time comes the girls have to be separated, the two reach for extreme methods thought off by Pauline.

A great and very impressive/emotional film that is based on the real diaries of Pauline and which keeps the middle between drama, fantasy, thriller and a bit of horror. Later followed by similar films like “The Virgin Suicides” (which is also great) and less good films.

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