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Heaven * Tom Tykwer * 2002

Tykwer is making a varried filmography with “Die Tödliche Maria” (heavy drama), “Lola Rennt” (fast and hip), “Der Krieger Und Die Kaisering” (fairytale like drama) and now this crime-film. He even managed to get nobody less than Cate Blanchett in the main part. Blanchett who probably looks so much like herself that I hardly recognised her.

Philippa (Blanchett) is an English schoolteacher in Italy who sees her children getting in touch with drugs and even die from that daily. Her husband knows the big man from the drugsscene which knowledge gets him killed. Time and time again Philippa tells the police, but a few higher in rank there are also involved and nothing is done. Then Philippa decides to take justice in her own hand and tries to kill the drugs-boss in the office of his ‘normal occupation’. Things go wrong, Philippa ends up in jail, wins the heart of the young Filipo who helps her escape and a nice story with several unexpected turns (especially by lack of information by the way) bring this short film (96 min) to a very strange end.
For the large part a nice tv-film, with an end that most tv-junkies will be unsatisfied with but those who know Tykwers older work will be used to some ‘unconventionallity’. Not Tykwers best film, but still nice.

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