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Heartbreakers * David Mirkin * 2001

Yeawell what do you know. I also saw this one flying and “Heartbreakers” is already more of a ‘plane-movie’ than “Bridget Jones’s Diary” (see review), because it is actually just watching Jenifer Love Hewitt being beautifull for about two hours or so. The story is that mother and daughter (Hewitt and Sigourny Weaver gather money by ripping-off rich men. Weaver seduces a millionaire and marries him. Then Hewitt also seduces him and Weaver ‘finds out’, dumbs him and gets half of his fortune (or whatever was agreed upon). The last man they want to make poor is Gene Hackman. Of course things go wrong, Hewitt falls in love with the owner of a bar, mother and daughter get a fight, but there is a happy end.
Only for cheap entertainment, in an airplane for example.

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