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Once Upon A Time In Mexico * Robert Rodriguez (2003)

I ran into a box with three old Rodriguez films. For some reason my player would not play “El Mariachi” (the only thing I could play was the director’s commentary on some scenes) and annoyed I did not get the (chronologically) next film “Desperado”, but “Once Upon…”. Of course “Once Upon…” is an over-the-top action film playing in Mexico. I think it is the third part of some kind of trilogy of a guitar-playing hero who is hired by an FBI agent (Johnny Depp) to prevent a coup and meanwhile he can avenge the death of his wife (Selma Hayek) and child who I guess where killed in a previous film. The story is alright, there are some big names on the actors list (Antonio Bandaras, Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes), but the result remains a dirty and funny action with bloody scenes and a lot of over-the-top explosions and shootouts. Quite amusing!

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