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Good Bye Lenin! * Wolfgang Becker * 2003

This German film caused a revival in ‘socialist products’ when people saw that not everything was bad in the old DDR and people got either nostalgic or interested in products from these times. “Good Bye, Lenin!” tells the story of a young man living in East Berlin before the fall of the wall. He wants Easter Germany to become part of the rest and his over-fanatic socialist mother gets a heartattack seeing him at a protest-march. Mother gets in a coma, waking up after the fall of the wall. Because the doctor says his mother would not survive another stroke, every possible arousal should be avoided. Alexander decides to let the DDR live on within the bedroom of his motherm, faking grocery and even the news. Eventually this DDR becomes more of the ideal socialist state of Alex instead of that of his mother.

An amusing film giving a nice historical view of the changes in Berlin in the time of the joining-together of the two Germanies and the problems before and after this major event.

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