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Carnivàle (series) season 2 * Daniel Knauf (2005)

I do not remember exactly when these series were broadcasted on Dutch TV, but I suppose it was 2003 or 2004. I started to watch the series and even though I loved them I lost track when I started to miss episodes. Years later we rented and watched the first series and again years later, my girlfriend ran into the second series for a good price. I wanted to watch the first series before starting with the second, but the first series were not very expensive! Reading back my review of the time, I liked the series, but I was critical still. Yet, my memories of it always remained positive and I must say that when we started to watch the first series again, I loved them. My older review gives a good idea of the series’ atmosphere and some elements of the story. Exited about the second series, the first two episodes blew me away. Darker and stranger than the complete first series and apparently giving all the answers to the questions I had. I really wondered what these second series would lead to. Just as with the first series there are very good and just good episodes. Characters develop, the storyline becomes clearer, there is less focus on Ben’s visions, but more on that mysterious brother Justin, whose part grows to new heights. Ben seems to become fully aware of his gift and the purpose of his life and towards the end the series seem to work towards a final knockout. Still, the last episodes are not that impressive. More even, the story stops, some new leads are given and the viewer is made ready for the third series that never came…
Overall Carnivàle are truely great series. The magnificent brown tint, the desolate desert atmosphere, the great characters and well-written story, a classic!


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