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The Goddess Of 1967 * Clara Law * 2000

I remember that this film played in our local filmhouse and that I wanted to see it, but apparently not with a high enough priority to actually go and see it. After that I have had the film in my hands a few times, but not until a few days ago that I actually rented it.

“The Goddess of 1967” is a car, a Citroën DS (French: “Déesee” of Goddess). A young and rich Japanese (“JM” Japanese man?) has wanted such a car since he saw it in a film he loves. He finds one with help of the internet and travels to Australia to pick it up. Arriving he finds out that the man who sells it, shot himself and he takes the redhaired and blind girl “BG” (‘blind girl’?) for a drive accross Australia. A very nice and original drama / roadmovie follows. The flashback do not always make things clearer, but do make you learn the stories behind the main characters. Very nice.

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