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Gemini * Shinya Tsukamoto * 1999

Yep, another Japanese film. No horror/thriller this time though. Well, no “Ringu” anyway.

Both the story of and the film “Gemini” (not in the internet movie database ?!?) itself are pretty strange. You get to see the life of a Japanese married couple that gets into a mess. I am afraid that anything I say will give away the content the story and we don’t want that. So I will only mention that “Gemini” is a drama with a few thriller-elements and a couple of extremely dark scenes that we love the Japanese films for. The film is shot nice and vague and has a lot of flashbacks. The story is about a ‘German style doctor’ and his wife, is told nicely and unravels as the film goes. A very good Japanese film and also a very nice insight in the daily life Japan.

1 thought on “Gemini * Shinya Tsukamoto * 1999”

  1. So I bought this film and when I saw the title (at home) I realised that I already saw it. Apparently the previous time I rented it, because I can’t find the DVD. I am glad that I (now) have it, since this film is pretty good. It starts as a twisted and dark Eastern thriller and moves towards a less supernatural, but still pretty twisted thriller/drama. The filming, music and montage are very original and well-done, the story and acting is not always too convincing, but overall this film is very recommandable. I still give it a -3-.

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