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asatru folk assembly

Wisdom From The Edda * Stephen A. McNallen * 1981

This booklet doesn’t give an author, but I expect it to be written by McNallen. On 12 pages you will get quotes from the Nordic scriptures on the following subjects: friendship, love, moderation, wisdom, hospitality, modesty, courage, caution, pride, immortality and self-reliance. Every subject is introduced and then a few quotes follow. Unfortunately the sources are not given, but according to the introduction most come from the first poem of the poetic Edda: the Havamal.

Living Asatru * Stephen A. McNallen * 1993

“A handbook of simple celebrations” is the subtitle for this A4 book of 54 pages. It is a nice introduction to show how you can bring Asatru into your daily life. McNallen shows how he sees influence and fuctions of the gods, how to revive your pre-Christian faith by simple daily rituals, how to make mead, how to make your family aware of the kins-links, etc. Towards the end McNallen goes around the year speaking about self-invented and traditional festivities and how to incorporate them in our present day lives. All this is brought in a very readable and simple manner with a lot of humor. A nice read for sure and both for newbees and people who have been studying the matter for a longer time, but fail to find a way to use all the information in their daily lifes.

What Is Asatru * Stephen A. McNallen 1985

This is an old booklet by the founder of the Asatru Folk Assembly, but it was revised in the previous year. In the form of questions and answers you get the most basic info about the Asatru faith. How does the “Asafolk” see their gods, festivities, other convictions, nature, daily life, etc. The booklet is only 16 pages.