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De Tuin Der Goden * A.G. van Hamel (editor) (1938)

This book is old and out of print for decades, but quite well accessible second hand. “The Garden Of The Gods” is a book about the world mythology with Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Indian, Scandinavian and Celtic mythology. The tex is alright, a mix of the myths (without much sources) and scholarly explanation (history, etc.). There are obvious flaws, blanks and misunderstandings and here and there the writer goes a bit too much in a certain (naturalistic) direction, but in general, Hamel has been quite objective. The biggest reason to buy this book are the magnificent drawings by Anton Pieck, a famous Dutch artist of old. His style may not be too fitting for the Egyptian part, but the Scandinavian and Celtic drawing are superb. A nice read and a great watch! <28/1/06><3>

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