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Verborgen Wijsheid Van Het Sprookje + Verborgen Wijsheid Van Oude Rijmen * Mellie Uyldert

Mellie Uyldert was born in 1908 and she is still alive. Uyldert is regarded as the Netherlands’ first serious astrologer and the grandmother of the New Age. I didn’t know that when I bought these two booklets separately from eachother. Both are about “the hidden knowledge” of fairytales (first) and ancient rhymes (second). Uyldert gives a few well-known tales in the first book and explains them at length. The same she does with mostly children’s plays in the other book. Uyldert obviously has a spiritual view and she explains the original (sometimes cultic) meanings of the tales and rhymes. Herefor she uses psychology and she goes back to Northern European mythology and folklore and modern Theosophical-like (maybe Antroposophical) spirituality. This results in original and nice-to-read explanations of texts I have known since childhood, giving them a much deeper meaning and understanding. I do not always agree with the writer, sometimes she is a bit too ‘fluffy’, but especially the Nordic background of the tales and games and the natural elements (solstices, seasons, day and night, etc.) are very interesting. Some books of Uyldert are still in print, others you will have to get second hand. Besides books like this, Uyldert has written many books about astrology, herbs, spirituality, etc., etc. In some circles she is controversial for her ideas (race-theories and such), but a book like these two are not about all that.

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