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Zwijgen Bij Volle Maan * Henrik Vreekamp (2003 * isbn 9023913469)

“Keeping Silent At Full Moon” is a book by a reformed preacher who also preaches for the Church Of Israel. Vreekamp was born and raised and still lives at the “Veluwe”, Europe’s largest nature reservation laying in the middle and at the East of the Netherlands. The “Veluwe” form a large part of the Netherlands and has many old villages and large areas with forests and moors. Vreekamp wrote his book as a one year stroll around the Veluwe. His book contains information, quotes and diary-like passages. The writer realises that Christianity is the result of ‘heathenism’ and Judaism that developed towards the Christian faith as we know it today. However Christian Vreekamp is, he treats paganism with respect and genuine interest. Still, the section about the pagan faith in the book tends to be a bit sloppy, the writer leaves things out, mixes things up and combines other things. If you are totally unaware of the pagan myths, this book may put you on the wrong trail. Also there is a long part about the Jews in the area. In general, the book gives you a nice history of the area, it’s villages and it’s inhabitents. Regional folklore is given and explained by its pagan roots, the same goes for Christian feasts and practises. There are discussions between (imaginary) persons (the writer, a Jew and a ‘pagan’) and Vreekamp clearly tries to raise respect between the three parties. There may be more of such openminded Christians being not afraid for their own roots and respectfull to other people. The book itself is a nice read, but some background may be handy.

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