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Tyr 2 (magazine) * Joshua Buckley and Michael Moynihan (editors) (2004 ultra publishing * ISSN 15389413 / ISBN 0972029214)

Earlier I reviewed the <a href="“>cd that comes with issue two of the annually published magazine “Tyr”. However a magazine, Tyr also has an ISBN code and this is not for nothing. Tyr has 450 pages and is bound like a book, has the size of a book and looks like a book. Actually it is a book with articles. So here we have an American magazine about the ancient culture of Northern-Europe, in the past and nowadays, but the subject is taken widely, because there is much room for “Völkish” and nationalistic ideas as well. The editors claim to be “radical Traditionalists” in the tradition of Guénon and (particularly) Evola.
After a long introduction by the editors about the first issue and the reactions to it (because of the subjects, the magazine is pushed in the (extreme-)right corner) and similar subjects. Then there is a translation of an article by Julius Evola about “The Traditional Doctrine Of Battle And Victory” which is a nice -but rather long- read. Collin Cleary continues an article of the first issue (which I don’t have) about the gods of ancient Europe. This is a heavy philosophical article about how the gods could be part of everyday life. Next up is Alain de Benoist with “Thoughts On God” and then an interview with this Frenchman by Charles Champetier. Moynihan then has “Reflections On […] Myths Of Divine Sacrifice”, Steve Pollington writes about the “Origins of The Germanic Warband”, Nigel Pennick tells you about “Heathen Holy Places In Northern Europe”, John Matthews about giants and Christian Rätsch about “sacred plants” (drugs in ancient times). The following article is one of the more interesting: “The First Northern Renaissance” by Stephen Edred Flowers. After this you can read at lenght how the ́satrú revival was started in the USA by Stephen A. McNallen who write the article himself. Then two persons who alligned with the Nazis (either or not slavely following their ideas): Ludwig Fahrenkrog (article by Markus Wolff) and the Dutchman Herman Wirth (Joscelyn Godwin writes about “Herman Wirth On Folksong”. After all this there is an interview with Gerhard of the Austrian industrial project Allerseelen and then many book reviews with a great variety of subjects. Then musicreviews, also not restricted to one scene.
Read quotes from Tyr here.

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