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Hêliand – text and commentary * James E. Cathey (2002 west virginia univesity press * isbn 0937058645)

All I wanted was to read the Heliand. I couldn’t find the text here and eventually notice that Amazon has it. Did I accidentally order the wrong book? Another book does seem to be just a translation of the text, yet I got myself a scholarly “text and commentary”. Maybe it was the first part of this subtitle that tricked me, since “text” means, half of the text in the original language (which is nice nonetheless, but why half?). “Commentary” means scholarly comments on the text itself, not on the content, but on the literary style, the use of words, historical setting, etc. all very nice for students of ancient languages, but this was not what I was looking for…
(10/10/06 -2-)
The Lord’s Prayer from this text in the original language and translation here.

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