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Deutsche Rechtsaltertümer vol. 2 * Jacob Grimm (1899)

What a bad joke! I have been looking for this title for some time. It is either unavailable or very expensive to get second hand. When I checked again a while ago, I noticed that the University of Michigan has a photographic reprint available. Excited I ordered the book from Amazon even though the book is not really cheap. When I received the book and opened it, my eye immediately fell on the words “Band II” on the title page… Neither the cover, nor the information on Amazon says that this is only the second volume, so my guess was that this book contained both volumes together. Now I have a book that is one-third index and bibliography, so I miss about two-thirds of this work. Looking further at Amazon to see if I missed something I cannot find the reprint of volume one of Michigan University. What could be the reason to republish half a book? After a bit more of searching I found volume one available from another publisher, again more expensive, but of course I ordered a copy. What is funny, by the way, is that this book is scanned by Google Books and available as printing on demand. With such a structure more old books might become available for personal libraries. I like that development.
And you wondered what this book is all about? As the title says, this work is about ancient laws of Germanic peoples, not the texts themselves, but Grimm made a relatively readable text of it all.
1899/2010 University of Michigan, isbn not available, asin: B0036MDAF6

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