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The Fates Of Princes Of Dyfed * Kenneth Morris (Cenydd Morus) (ISBN: 1417980214)

Morris was an early Welsh Theosophist who was also a writer. He met a group of Irish writers who where interested in their past. Morris took up the idea to rewrite the Mabinogion to one story using elements of other Celtic myths. The result saw the light of day as early as 1914. Yet, the Dutch translation was only recently released. This book is published very luxery. A hard cover, wonderfull colour drawings.

The story is about the testing of mankind to become immortal. I think the book is meant to be read to children, because it is too difficult for them to read it themselves (many Welsh names, for example) but the book is a bit too ‘fairyish’ for adults. On the other hand, however I seldom read novels or books with stories, I found this one quite enjoyable. Obvious Celtic themes, dreamy pasages and when I couldn’t remember who was who, I could just look it up in the back. Also I do have a translation of the Mabinogion, I don’t remember much I read. This may mean that I either didn’t read that little book too well, or it didn’t capture my imagination enough for me to remember them. I think this book may, if I can remember the names!

This book is highly recommended to people who like books with Celtic themes (it is rather ‘Arthurish’), especially people with children who want to read them stories with native themes.

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  1. “Pwyll lord of Dyved” is still a pagan Celtic story, it contains ancient traditions, like holding assemblies on an ancestral burial mound, which also served the purpose of speaking justice, this custom was also practised on the Continent. The burial mound symbolised the realm of the ruling prince or king, which was also widely known on the Continent. In “Pwyll lord of Dyved” the burial mound is the entry to Annwvyn, the Other World. Apparently, Kenneth Morris was not aware of these important cultural traditions and dropped every knowledge by the wayside because he did not understand it. Morris failed to respect the original story, his rewrite serves no purpose whatsoever. The Theosophical Society is a sect for those who are none too intelligent.

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