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Wende 4

Wende 4The fourth issue of the Wende magazine has about 60 pages and 13 articles, poems, etc. After an introduction follows a nice article about the form that souls appear in in Northern mythology and folklore. Next up in an interview with the Flemish Perchten/Krampus group “Hnikar” (Werkgroep Hagal that publishes “Wende” also has a similar group by now). The next article is not very pagan, it uses the book/film “Fight Club” to speak about some ideas of Julius Evola, but also other thinkers are mentioned. A tradition of “Wende” is an “etnobotanical” article, this time about the Pine Tree, so you will learn about the tree, but also its uses, place in myths and stories and so on. Two pages of Hagal founder Pyck speak about rebellious youth and a varriety of texts follow about ancient habbits, history, mythology, etc. For those who can read Dutch, a cheap but nice read.
For more information get in contact with Werkgroep Hagal.

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