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Heidens Jaarboek 2008

HJB 6The Dutch group “Nederlands Heidendom” is getting more and more ‘professional’, which is clearly shown by their sixth “Heathen Yearbook”. As the title says, this is an annual publication and this time it is nicely bound and it has a colour cover. The yearbook has about 100 pages with some nice articles of varried kind. The opening article is a nice and lengthy article about the Yule celebrations and it is written by Boppo Grimmsma. Grimmsma has collected all kinds of information about ancient celebrations, myths and habbits. It is not really new information, but nicely put together and a nice variety of sources is used. Next up is a shorter article by the same Grimmsma about the correct name of the last Dutch pagan kind Redbad. After this follows a lighter part, because there has been an essay competition and all short stories are presented here. The texts varry from descriptions of member of Nederlands Heidendom through the fictional eyes of an outsider to visions of a future in which pagan sacred places are reclaimed. Amusing! Grimmsma again then tells us something about ancient cultic celebrations. The last article is more like the announcement of the second version of a Dutch book about Northern witchcraft and magic, which seems interesting, so I hope I will not miss it again.
All in all a nice publication for a nice price. Of course written in Dutch. Click the link I gave earlier for more information.

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