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Sunwheel 16

A while ago I got an email asking if the “Kith of Yggdrasil” could republish my “Asatru and Hinduism” article in their periodical. I had a look at their website (then still I think), saw nothing I object to, so I said that I had no problems with that as long as I could have a copy of the issue. Well after the autumnal equinox I now get the summer solstice edition of “the quarterly journal of the Kith of Yggdrasil”, which from now on will be published annually it seems. The Kith calls itself “Odinic”, but however “Odinism” often seems to be a quite politically oriented form of paganism, I see no politics in the Kith. Apparently the Kith is mostly centered around London.
The journal is a pack of 20 stapled A4 photocopied pages and opens with an article about “Gender in Odinism” in which the writer (Mike Robertson) feels obliged to apologise every other line for not having the egalitarian ideas of modern society. His thoughts on the differences between the sexes are for the larger part also mine. My own article fills page 8-12 and two more articles follow: “What Northern Tradition?” by Ed Richardson who writes a bit about different current under the name “paganism”; and “The Moral Imperative” again by Robertson of which the title says enough.
I don’t know if this publication is available to anyone, but if you are interested to learn more about the Kith and/or inquire about this journal, I suppose you could visit their website and contact them.

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