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Traditie 2008/3

The newest issue of Traditie magazine has reached me even before the autumnal equinox! The contents are as follows:
Herman Vanhove is “singing in the rain”; as always a very humorous article, this time about hospitality. Next up is a look in the life and house of chairman Stefaan Van den Eynde and his girlfriend Heidi Lemmens. After that an article quite like this one of myself is published, followed by a very interesting article “Do you, know how to offer?” by Alwin Goethals. A short poetic interlude brings us two articles about the meaning of faery tales, the first by the recently departed founder of our movement Koenraad Logghe and the next of “Mummelaar Vandenhangzak” (obviously a pseudonym).
As always Traditie makes a nice read in Dutch. If you are interested, contact Stefaan.


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