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Traditie 2/2007

The summer solstice edition of the magazine of the Flemish “Werkgroep Traditie vzw.” is available. Again printed on heavier paper and with a nice colour front and backcover. The magazine as always opens with a nice article by Herman Vanhove, this time called Mijn boezemvijand; an article about Loki and breastcancer. Then follows Benny Vangelder with a text about Being happy (however the Dutch term “gelukkig” is a bit stronger than just happy). Chairman Stefaan van den Eynde has a lengthy interview with the ‘Amerindian’ Franci Taylor about traditional living in a anti-traditional world. Founder Koenraad Logghe continues his series about Myth and rite. Jurgen Vandebotermet closes this issue with women/femininity (in a very broad context) in mythology and folklore.
Of course the magazine is in Dutch/Flemish. If you are interested in the magazine or the Asatru movement Traditie, visit their website by clicking on the cover of the magazine.
If all goes as planned this is the last issue in the current concept. There are plans to change the magazine a bit in order to appeal to a wider (and non-Traditie) audience. The results I will of course give you somewhere around autumn equinox.


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