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Traditie 2007/3

The autumn equinox issue of the magazine of the Flemish Asatru group Traditie finally made it to me. In the last months there has been some thinking and discussion about the future of the periodical. The articles were regarded too long and too difficult for/by the average reader, so from the spring equinox 2008 issue, there is supposed to be more variety, lower-level articles and more input of the members of Traditie. Also the articles should be less historical and more focussed on the present and our religion in daily life. It seems that for this issue some of those remarks have been kept in mind, because the founder of the movement Koenraad Logghe has written an article about “our mental attitude” which deals with the ‘pagan’ position in the hastiness of our time. Current chairman Stefaan van den Eynde wrote about the ‘heathen’ conception of time, which is not as linear as modern man sees it and in which the present is also the future. Other articles are the always amusing opener of Herman Vanhove, this time about a ‘goody-goody’ under-priest which proved to be a beloved and wise man; Jurgen Vandebotermet writes about the “Nekker” and other “pagan motives”; further we have Benny Vangelder about “the Celtic Odin” and Sonja Vanmeiren who tells us something about the spirituality of doing the garden.
As always the periodical is well-printed, written in Dutch (Flemish) and available from Koenraad Logghe.
Link: Traditie (website will some be completely reworked.)


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