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Rûna 21

I didn’t even remember that I ordered the new issue, but it fell into my mailbox today, so that was a nice surprise. As you have read before, Rûna is a publication of Ian Read and there is a big involvement of the Rune Gild. #21 Is another nice read. It opens with a man who met Odin, Collin Cleary continues with a philosophical approach to the runes, Alice Karsdóttir writes how she became a pagan affiliated with the Rune Gild, David Jones has written a strange short fiction story about Nazi Disneyland, then continues the conversation with Stephen Flowers (founder of the Rune Gild), A history of song is the next article, next up a text about the use of pagan names in Iceland, an article about the pagan and not christian background of (American) law and then follow reviews, including a DVD of Benjamin Bagby singing Beowulf in the original language. I just heard about his (?) Youtube videos, but the man has a few internet sites of his own.
Another nice issue of this pagan magazine.
UK citizens best contact the publisher at read[at]
Contental Europeans can send an email to runamagazin[at]
USA citizens can contact Rûna Raven Press


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