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Traditie 2007/4

Traditie 2007/4Here we have the winter solstice issue of the publication of Werkgroep Traditie vzw. of Flanders. As always the magazine opens with a nice article of Herman Vanhove, this time about work and duty. Benny Vangelder follows with a short text in which the spiritual path is explained by birds in a tree. Chairman Stefaan van den Eynde presents the second and last part of his lengthy article about the role of the female in Celtic society under the great title “Of swollen neck-arteries, grinding teeth and snowwhite arms”. I myself wrote a text which hopefully explains a bit about the Dumezilian tripartite theory that is used heavily by ‘prominent characters’ in our movement, so that ‘the average member’ will understand the idea. After a poem by Urd, this issue is closed with the final part of Jurgen Vandebotermet’s about myth, folklore and symbology in the landscape around Halle in Belgium.
If all goes as planned, from the coming issue (spring equinox), there will be much more material of Traditie members and less lengthy articles of the editors in the publication with which the editorial staff hopes to appeal to a larger group of readers.
To receive a (specimen) copy of this publication (which is in Dutch), contact traditie [at] scarlet . be.


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