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New Imperium #4

When I heard that a new American publisher called “Integral Tradition Publishing” has got a magazine called “The Initiate” I went to their website and noticed that they also sell a magazine of Troy Southgate. However I took Southgate for a “third way” thinker (‘extreme middle’ or however to describe it), the magazine “New Imperium” is subtitled “metaphysical journal of New Right”. The magazine is a simple black and white photocopied on A3 paper, folder and stapled publication with a modest number of pages and it contains an article (about “Beachy Head”), an interview with the “revolutionary conservative” Jonathan Bowden, a film, a few books and some music reviews (mostly Cold Spring releases). Nothing groundbreaking, but not a boring read. Funny that Southgate preferred a magazine over a website for his writing efforts, but on the other hand, he is active on the internet as well.

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