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Tyr 2 in reprint


We are pleased to announce that Ultra is now accepting pre-orders for
the second printing of TYR, Volume 2. This issue has been unavailable
for several years, and used copies command high prices on the Internet.

We expect TYR, Volume 2 to be back from the printer in 3–4 weeks. At
that time, the journal will be available for purchase on our website:

Until then, we can accept pre-orders via PayPal to this email
address. Pre-ordering will ensure availability and prompt shipping.
We encourage distributors to contact us now to reserve copies.

We can also accept checks or money-orders payable to:
Ultra, PO Box 11736, Atlanta, GA 30355, USA


Volume 2, 2003-2004, Second Edition, 2008, ISSN 1538-9413, ISBN:
6″ X 9″ perfectbound, illustrated, 432 pages, Cover price: $22.00 ppd
$30.00 airmail (foreign)


Julius Evola on “The Doctrine of Battle and Victory,” Charles
Champetier’s interview with Alain de Benoist, Alain de Benoist on
“Thoughts on God,” Collin Cleary on “Summoning the Gods,” Stephen
McNallen on the “́satrú Revival,” Nigel Pennick on “Heathen Holy
Places,” John Matthews on “The Guardians of Albion,” Steve Pollington
on “The Germanic Warband,” Michael Moynihan on “Disparate Myths of
Divine Sacrifice,” Christian Rätsch on “The Sacred Plants of our
Ancestors,” Joscelyn Godwin on Herman Wirth, Peter Bahn on “The
Friedrich Hielscher Legend,” Markus Wolff on Ludwig Fahrenkrog,
Stephen Flowers on “The Northern Renaissance,” Joshua Buckley’s
interview with “technosophical” musicians Allerseelen, and an
extensive book and music review section, featuring sidebar interviews
with Coil and P. D. Brown.

BONUS CD MUSIC SAMPLER FEATURING: Allerseelen, Blood Axis, Coil, Fire
+ Ice, In Gowan Ring, Primordial, 16 Horsepower, Waldteufel, and many
other innovative contemporary music artists inspired by tradition.

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