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Tacitus: De Opstand Van De Bataven * Vincent Hunink (transl.) (athenaeum 2005 * isbn 9025353347)

However the revolt of the Batavians was actually just a short rebellion against the Roman occupators, this history is often displayed as being a part of the glorious past of the Dutch peoples. The only information about this period in history comes from the Histories of Publius Cornelius Tacitus (ca.55-117). Hunink is translator of more classical texts and is working on a translation of the complete works of Tacitus. For the purpose of the Batavians, he only used the three parts of the Histories in which Tacitus writes about the Batavians. This Germanic tribe came to live on what is now Dutch soil. They cooperated with the Romans, but revolted and eventually came back on friendly terms. This history can be found in this nice, small and cheap book. Hunink made a nice introduction and a register/glossery. That register is not too handy, because when Tacitus writes: “Civilis and Classicus were happy because…” and you want to look up who these two persons were again, you have to scan the entire register, because the names are listed under the J of “Julius Civilis” and “Julius Classicus”. For the rest, a very nice booklet in a luxery publication.

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