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Understanding Indo-European Cosmology, Theology, and Metaphysics – Zachary Gill (2022)

The Kindle edition of this book has “Hammer & Vajra Book 3” in the title, so I suppose I read the books in the ‘correct order’ after all.

After a more Eastern centered book, this time Gill takes the path that we got to know in the first book of the series. It is mostly centered around Germanic and Vedic myth and religion, but the research spreads across all Indo-European religions and beyond.

I hope that this book unveils a deeper understanding of our faith through an apologetic defence.

Gill writes early in the book. This volume is mostly built on earlier shorter texts about a variety of subjects. Some chapters are better than others. Gill picks up specific themes with such subjects of the Sky Father, giants, eschatology, “on magics”, werewolves, the Kali Yuga, the left hand path, etc., etc.

Just like the previous two books of the trilogy, an alright read.

2022 Hammer & Vajra, isbn 979-8367227499

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