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Die Pansophie Der Hermetischen Bruderschaft Vom Rosenkreuz – Heinrich Tränker (2021)

The first of the six Pansophia issues does appear to have texts of the society itself. Here it calls itself the “Hermetic Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross”. “Collegium Pansophicum” is another one.

The about 130 pages are filled with rather pomp texts. Perhaps my German is not good enough, but most of the time I have little clue what the author is trying to say. It seems to be a boasting of what the new Pansophy (‘all-wisdom’) can bring to human kind without saying too much what the philosophy entails. The group puts itself in line with the classical Rosicrucians who emerged around 1614 and who reemerged around 1920.

The book has an interesting thought here and there, but I cannot say that I learned much about what the philosophy or teachings the group had.

2021 Verlag Geheimes Wissen, isbn 3903302473

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