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Kleines Mystisch-Magisches Bilderbüchlein – Heinrich Tränker (2021)

Sixth, and last, of six volumes of the Pansophia magazine of the German Pansophical Society. These magazines were published in the 1920’ies and have been reprinted by the Austrian publishing house Geheimes Wissen.

It is a “little, mythical-magical image book”. I thought/hoped that it was the society made a collection within their themes of interest. Instead, it is a republication of Daniel Stoltzius von Stoltzenberg’s Chymisches Lustgärtlein from 1624 (1) with an introduction.

In that introduction “Garuda” says that this is the clearest Alchemical text. I think I rather agree with Alexander Roob who says that the book contains beautiful engravings, but Stoltzius’ poems are hardly enlightening.

Indeed, there are images each accompanied by a poem. Some of the images were unfamiliar to me, many I know from Roob’s collection. It is amusing to read through this “Bilderbüchlein”, but it is not quite the: “A. B. C. Students of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross” that is promised.

(1) Can be found online (accessed 23/4/2024)

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