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Alchemie – Frater Daniel (2009)

Six years ago I was looking to see if the Saturn Gnosis periodical of the German group Fraternitas Saturni is available somewhere. I found the Austrian publisher Geheimes Wissen (‘secret knowledge’) and bought a book with the first five issues. Now I was looking for material of the Gold- und Rosencreutzer and I again came to this publisher (review forthcoming). Seeing what other titles they have, my eye fell on this little booklet which is also a Fraternitas Saturni publication.

For some reason, Geheimes Wissen does not mention when a text was originally published. Fraternitas Saturni had its heyday in their early days after 1926, but Guido Wolther (“Frater” or “Meister” Daniel) was Grand Master between 1963 and 1966, so this little booklet is most likely from around that time.

The booklet has less than 50 pages and even though I have read a book or two about Alchemy, it is a tough read. The author seems to balance between theoretical and practical Alchemy, more leaning towards the practical side. There are quite a few drawings that do not seem to be (all) based on existing Alchemical diagrams and the descriptions and instructions are not much like anything I read before. Perhaps they fit into the larger teachings of the Fraternitas Saturni.

I cannot say that I learned a lot about Alchemy or the Fraternitas Saturni reading this little book, so I suppose I largely lack the background and/or I do not belong to the intended audience.

2009 Verlag Geheimes Wissen, isbn 9783902705068

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