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The Hermetic Science of Transformation- Giuliano Kremmerz (2019)

Kremmerz is a name that I sometimes run into, especially when it comes to Italian occultism. I did not know that one of his books is available in English.

Kremmerz (1861–1930) was born Ciro Formisano. He is a generation older than Julius Evola (1898-1978). Kremmerz’ thinking is not unlike that of the (KR)UR group. It seems he was involved in this group in his last years. If he knew Evola from that group, the latter must still have been pretty young. Reghini (1878-1946) was more a contemporary of his. Perhaps I should reread the introductions to the first two Introduction to Magic books again for more context.

Kremmerz had a (somewhat) scientific approach to magic, but Kremmerz had a more Christian approach than Reghini or Evola.

The book was originally published in 1897. It seems that he and his Confraternita Terapeutica e Magica di Myriam (Therapeutic and Magic Brotherhood of Myriam) have published more, but if that is correct, this material is not yet available in English.

The present title is not written in name of the Myriam group. Kremmerz claims to write as clearly as he could about magic, but do not expect a manual with practices. The book has more a philosophical and theoretically esoteric approach to the subject, but of course, I may not have the ‘ears to hear’. The book is somewhat interesting and Kremmerz has some things to think about, but overall the book is not more interesting to me than the works published in (KR)UR (and yet I just started the third part of the books with these texts). The Hermetic Science of Transformation mostly gives a step in recent Italian occultism with Reghini before and Evola and (KR)UR after.

2019 Inner Traditions, isbn 1620559080

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