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The Fenris Wolf 1-3 – Carl Abrahamsson (2020)

“Occulture” author Abrahamsson used to have a journal which are now made available again. Here we have the first three volumes original published between 1989 and 1993. The total number of pages is well over 300.

Within the pages you can find texts of Abrahamsson and range of author authors, but also interviews. There are a lot of noticeable name. Genesis P-Orridge, William Buroughs, Kenneth Anger, Freya Asswyn, the Order of Nine Angles, Anton LaVey and more.

There is too much satanism here for my liking, especially towards the end, but ironically it are a few of the texts of LaVey that I found most amusing. Much of the other texts are too serious. The background information about people such as P-Orridge and Anger is interesting though.

There are short texts, poems, but also very long essays. Overall, there was not a whole lot that I found very interesting, so I do not think I am going to catch up with the next reissued issues. At least not any time soon.

2020 Trapart Books, isbn 9198624253

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