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Introduction to Magic, volume II – Julius Evola (editor) (2019)

Evola himself compiled the texts of the journals UR and KRUR, wrote an introduction, elucidates on some texts, etc. In 2001 the first volume of English translations of these compilations was published and apparently only in 2019 volume II saw the light of day.

Again I find the introduction the most interesting part of the book. This time it was written by Hans Thomas Hakl who just like Renate Del Ponte in volume I gives an overview of esoteric and occult circles in Italy up to and after the UR and KRUR group. Del Ponte proves to be one of the heirs of these groups.

Volume II seems to be a bit more theoretical than volume I, but also here there are translated alchemical texts and magical instructions. A few of the texts are fairly interesting, several are not entirely my cup of tea. There is a great variety in subjects, so when your interests are esoterically broad, there might be some nice reading material here.
It is a bit of a sad conclusion that I enjoy reading about esotericists more than I do reading what they had to say.

Volume III was published in 2021 and there is now also a book that contains all volumes.

2019 Inner Traditions, isbn 1620557177

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