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Male Mysteries And The Secret Of The Mannerbund – Wulf Grimsson (2011)

I probably ran into his name before, but I ran into Grimsson in the book of Askr Svarte as a pagan Traditionalist, so I decided to try one of his books.

The book is about the “Mannerbund”, as Grimsson writes is. More specifically, it is about the “Mannerbund” as an “Androphile Mystery Cult”.

When we read of the Germanic tribes the initiatory eros of their practises is little discussed.

Grimsson describes the men-bonds of old (and the present day) as groups of men with ‘special friendship’. In a way this is a daring theory. Warrior-bonds are usually associated with ‘manly men’ and male-male love is not. Of course this is the perception of our own time. I get the idea that when a bond of man have a closer connection than just membership of the group, they will more easily risk their own lives for their brothers.

That is an approach that perhaps could have been described in a fraction of the book. There are also lengthy decline of our own time (here Grimsson has some ‘Traditionalistic traits’), but also “Androphilia” in literature and in movements of the past. A bit too much of related subjects to my liking. The parts about “sexual fluidity” in Norse myths are more interesting.

The author refers to Jan de Vries and “Frans Farwerck” (!) which is something that does not often happen in English literature. I believe he himself is from Australia.

A mildly interesting book with a ‘wildly’ different approach to the subject.


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