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Freemasonry: Thirty-Three Lectures – Christopher Earnshaw (2023)

Earnshaw published three books about “spiritual” freemasonry, presenting three different approaches to the subject, roughly connected to the three degrees. Later followed a book about the “Royal Arch” and now there is a fifth title.

Earnshaw has been Worshipful Master of a Japanese research lodge and in that function he gave many lectures. He compiled these lectures and published them in Japanese. Later he decided to make them available in English as well.

Where the other books are largely written around certain approaches to researching Masonic history, here we have a wide range of different subjects without much depth and about questionable subjects such as that Christianity is actually a retelling of Egyptian history, summaries of popular works about Freemasonry, Templars, Rosslyn Chapel, the Kybalion, ceremonial magic. Indeed, it almost seems as if Earnshaw aims for a Dan Brown audience rather than a Masonic one.

The lectures were given before he published his first book. As a matter of fact, all the way towards the end he announces Initiation By Light. The information is shallow, not very interesting, many of the subjects are shallow. I do not really understand the reason for this publication. Does Earnshaw hope that new readers will start with this title and then continue with the other four?

2023 self-published, isbn 979-8398263992

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