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Scandinavian Mythology * Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson (1969)

Scandinavian MythologyBecause Dumézil refers to Ellis Davidson frequently in his works on Germanic mythology, I ordered two of her books. The other one is a small paperback and I will review it when I read it, the book here looks like one of these popular large books with many images. The book is both a visual experience and a highly informative book about Scandinavian mythology! However the book is rather old, there are images and information in it that are/is new to me. The ordering of the book is logical with starters information, the Gods and Goddesses in different groups, other beings, etc. and on the end the transition to Christianity time. In the “blog” section I have put some quotes in which Ellis Davidson proves her original and thought-provoking ideas and besides many mythological stories and folklore (mostly without references unfortunately) the writer gives information from a variety of scientific disciplines. The greatest part is the end in which Ellis Davidson retells lot of stories from the time between “paganism” and Christianity, most of which I hadn’t read so far.
The book is no longer in print, but very well, and very cheaply, available second hand. I can recommand it to both ‘beginners’ and ‘advanced’ students of Northern European mythology.
Read quotes of Ellis Davidson here.
1969 hamlyn * isbn 600036375

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